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Formula Renault BARC

Formula Renault BARC is one of the UK’s most competitive junior ‘slicks and wings’ categories and is regarded as a key proving ground for young racers aiming to graduate up the single-seater motor racing ladder.

Evolving rapidly in recent years, the club-level category has been reinvented as a perfect starting place for aspiring career drivers who want to learn as much as possible about Formula Renault racing before graduating to the full national championship.

The main differences between the BARC and UK championships are simple – the BARC cars run restrictor plates to control top speed and they use fixed gear ratios.

More importantly though, Formula Renault BARC is much more
cost-effective than Formula Renault UK with average season budgets as little as a third of those required to compete in the national counterpart.

Effectively bridging the gap between club-level racing and national-level motorsport, Formula Renault BARC underwent a major transformation in 2005 when Renault UK put its support behind the championship with the introduction of the FR 2.0 car.

While in the past the championship was a mix of gentlemen drivers and aspirational career-minded youngsters, the 2008 season marked the final year when the older, multi-chassis ‘Club Class’ Formula Renault cars were permitted to race.

Gaining popularity year-on-year, Formula Renault BARC is now an essential part of the single-seater ladder in British motorsport.